Monday, August 26, 2013

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

This post comes to you after midnight during the first week of classes.  I have been insanely busy getting all six of my courses ready to go, including attending some very fine sessions offered by the new school.  They had a nice focus on technology and were not only informative and useful, but also fun.  Plus, adjuncts were invited and I know that this invitation is not extended to all those out there in temporary faculty land.  Perhaps later I can share some of these things and let everyone know how they worked in my class, but that will have to wait until I have more time.  However, after these sessions put me in a better mood, I had to make a quick trip into my office at my older position, and this was harder than I expected.  Yes, I have an office space and computer of my own there (I don't at the new school), but it did not feel like "Mine" anymore, and I suppose it never was.  I was only a squatter.

Somewhere this week I acquired a rebellious streak--possibly motivated by the letter telling me that my health insurance would take half of each paycheck, should I choose to continue it--and I made a nice sign for my door.  I went on to and borrowed their definition of "adjunct" but I cleaned it up a bit and made sure the examples all fit the academic sense of the word.  Then I put it on my door. I haven't been back there since, so I don't know if anyone censored it.  I kind of doubt that, since my office is not located in a main hallway and not too many people pass that way on a regular basis.

Adjunct Definition

I've got another post I want to work up in regards to an article making the rounds, since it directly relates to the kind of coursework most adjuncts do, but I need to catch at least some sleep because I have three classes in a row to teach tomorrow.  At least I can walk to these and not drive an hour and a half.  #AdjunctProblems 

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