Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Journal: What Day IS This?

It's early in the semester but things are settling in:  they are already "my" classes, "my" students.  For better or worse, at this point, I commit myself to getting as many to the end as possible if they will be lead, or cajoled, or badgered into it.  This is week three for my regular classes and the fourth meeting coming up for my Saturday-only seven week class.  However, today I had that moment of "Okay everyone, here's what you need to have for....." I was going to say the day of the week, but I had no idea which day that particular class met next or worse, which day it was right then!  Two of the bi-weekly classes meet Monday/Wednesday and the other three meet Tuesday/Thursday.  I just couldn't sort that all out on command.  This is how adjuncts slowly go insane.  I mean, I know which classes I'm teaching while I'm in them, especially since they meet in radically different locations.  Still, I hate that bewildered, lost feeling.  It makes me think of student teaching when some high school student would ask me a ridiculous grammar question that no one who hadn't been teaching grammar for 400 years would know.  (Admittedly, thanks to the revision, that's how I feel about MLA now.  "Let me get back to you on that....")

UEM's desk

I've almost gotten the names memorized for the students in the smaller classes.  The larger ones are going to take some time, and I met them last so that adds to my confusion.  I've not lost too many either, so no breaks there because most classes are still at cap or one under.  I HATE not being able to call them all by name already, although I must remind myself that even last semester with a regular four-class load I had a little trouble remembering the names of those who either were not speaking up or impressing me with their writing in some way.  I thought about using the big name cards that I've seen a few other professors employ, but that seems like giving up on my memory entirely and I'm not ready to throw in that towel.  I will remember, eventually.

Going to make this a short post tonight:  lunches are packed, lessons are ready, and even though I'm sure there's something I forgot,  I'm tired and the big commute awaits me in a few hours.  I'll use that vehicular waste of my time to ponder an article that keeps popping up regarding adjuncts, tenure track faculty, and teaching ability.  I've read it once but it needs a second look.  That, in addition to news of more retrenchment at some universities not too far away may make for an interesting thought-exercise.  At the very least, thinking about that article may keep my road rage to a manageable level.  This is how adjuncts slowly go insane.

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